British Keelboat Academy Coaching TV Show

I was approached by the Royal Yachting Association back in September to Edit a series of coaching videos for the Keelboat academy as they were unable to run their usual on the water coaching due to lockdown.

I was tasked to edit four, thirty minute videos showing different techniques, tactics and clothing, safety procedures and industry jobs.

The first two videos were on a general overview of keelboats and the correct clothing to wear. I had a multi-cam studio edit which was mixed in with on the water and off the water demonstrations.

The third video was on a career in Boat Rigging. This was a really interesting interview of a boat rigger who started his career with Alex Thompson Racing sponsored by Hugo Boss. This consisted of a long interview mixed in with him at work showing off his workshop and the tools and equipment he uses. The video worked really well and would inspire people to look into this career.

The fourth video was about how jibs work. This was multi-cam studio edit mixed in with voiceovers and demonstrations on how jibs work, and the technical aspects of how to use them on board a keelboat. This was a precise edit matching the voiceover, word for word, with the demonstrations. The video provided a clear insight on how to use a jib for any Keelboat sailors.

The boat rigging has been released but the others are still for Keelboat Academy sailors eyes only.

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