Filming at Farnham Sands Golf Club

I was tasked by the club to put together a series of promotion videos to celebrate the ending of lockdown and opening of the club. The initial video was showing the members how the course was being prepared for their arrival so as to hype up some excitement for their return. The video consisted of various shots showing the greenkeepers, mowing the fairways and greens, preparing the bunkers and generally tidying up the course ready for the season. I used Ariel shots to get a birds eye view of the course and what the greenkeepers were doing, and camera footage on the ground to show close ups. At the end we had a shot of all the greenkeepers thanking them for all their hard work. The video went down really well and got over 4000 views on twitter.

The next video was showing off the academy coaching sessions. The main aim was to show the technical support given by the coach and also the social advantages of group coaching. We created a video talking to the coach about the advantages of group lessons and then seeing the view point of the people taking part in the lesson. This was complimented with footage of the actual lesson, using drone and camera footage, so people could see exactly how the lessons take place.

The video was a great success and was a really fun activity to shoot as everyone was chatty and really pleased to be back on the golf course. This gave the video a warm and friendly feeling which I think would attract player to take part.

The Lottie Woad profile video was put together to introduce and promote the Golf England Event at the club in June. This is an huge event for the top under 18 golf players in the country. The Farnham event will be the first event of its kind allowing girls and boys to play in the same competition. This will be followed by various events at different clubs around the country over the next few months.

I created a profile on the golfer Lottie, who is a club member taking part in the competition. This consisted of an interview, with a fun quick fire questioning, mixed in with camera and drone footage of Lottie playing a round of golf. We had a fun afternoon and the video went down well with the club and also Golf England, who have now asked me to do a promotion video next week for the launch of the event.

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